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Let your wellbeing blossom.

Dedicated to improving overall wellbeing, the Niyama Wellness Center is built upon a holistic approach where distinctive experiences of wellness and Filipino warmth meet: as the body, mind and spirit are connected and balanced.

Rooted in ancient Yoga spirituality, “Niyama” is described as fundamental pillars of an interior discipline that builds upon an individual’s contentment, confidence and happiness. Informed by that same spirit, the Niyama Experience is a sincere care expressed in our timely, flexible and adaptive offerings: from holistic spa treatments, Inner Journey retreats and movement classes, conscientious dining to personal fitness.

Spa Signature

First ever at Anya Resort Tagaytay is our very own Niyama Wellness Center, comprising of treatment rooms with its own bathing area and outdoor area for relaxation. Various massage therapies are handled by skilled therapists employing the best techniques and using the finest materials. From oils, to scents, to scrubs, to masks, high quality local, natural and organic materials are used to color the complete spa experience. With your Mind refreshed and Body relaxed from a session, you can think about how to maintain a lifestyle of wellness moving forward.

View Spa Signature Treatments here.

Niyama Gym

There is also a fully equipped fitness studio with complete sets of weights, cardio machines, and workout equipment. Anya offers you more than rest and recreation; here, you can also sweat what stresses you out. Lift weights, run miles, and train for the rigors of everyday living.

Inner Journey

Finally, along with our Mind and Body, our Soul is a part of our wellness journey. Anya Resort Tagaytay offers guests yoga sessions for those looking to improve the body’s physical and mental well-being. Niyama’s Inner Journey provide resources they need towards nurturing self-love and mindfulness.

The Niyama Wellness Center has made its home first in Anya Resort Tagaytay along with its excellent partners. In this path towards wellness, AHG stays committed to finding ways to further improve and add to the services that guests will enjoy. Like our personal and individual growth, AHG’s Niyama Wellness Center is a brand dedicated to growth and learning. With future partnerships and properties to expand to, the Niyama Wellness Center will make way for more people to start their journey towards holistic wellness.